Olives 7

Cheese (single/mix) 13/27

Charcuterie (small/mix) 13/27

Mixed Cheese and Charcuterie 27

Kosher Pickles 5

Oysters (6/12) 19/36

Fries 8

Shishito Peppers 13

Fish sauce & sambal 

Burrata 23 

Olives, red pepper, chili oil, bread 

Hummus 16

Moroccan olives, pine nuts, confit garlic

Caesar Salad 17

Romaine, white anchovy, bacon, croutons 

Steak Tartare 19

Grilled bread, egg yolk 

Grilled Argentine Shrimp 19

Chili lime butter 

Double Cheeseburger 17

Bacon, onion, aged cheddar, pickle 

Parsnip Agnolotti 25

Brown butter crumbs, walnuts, mulled cider vinegar 

Roast Chicken 20

Piri Piri, lemon 

Crispy Brussel Sprouts 14

Mascarpone, sesame 


Ice Cream Sandwich 10

Sorbet 7


Please inform our staff of any food allergies*